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Chuck Prophet

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Chuck Prophet
Sep 26, 2009 Chuck Prophet
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Topics: matrix, Newcastle, Chuck Prophet, americana
Source: S/B->(line-in)Creative Nero JB3; Aud->SP CMC-8s->SP-SPSB-6S(r/o:0)->Edirol R09
Chuck Prophet
Sep 25, 2009 Chuck Prophet
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Cd 1 57 min 04 sec 01 Intro 02 Sonny Liston's Blues* 03 I Bow Down and Pray to Every Woman I see 04 Always a Friend (co-written with Al Escovedo) 05 intro/Hot Talk* 06 Would You Love Me ? 07 Doubter out of Jesus (All Over You) 08 chat : Happy 60th Birthday to The Boss 09 For You (Bruce Springsteen) 10 chat : new album, rocket-scientists and tube amps 11 You and Me Baby (Holding On)* 12 chat/Let Freedom Ring* Cd 2 65 min 36 sec 01 Summertime Thing (Chuck solo acoustic) 02 We Had It All (Chuck...
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Topics: matrix, Glasgow, Chuck Prophet
Source: [Aud->SP CMC-8s->SP-SPSB-6S(r/o:0)->Edirol R09] [S/B->(line-in)Creative Nero JB3 ->Firewire->pc->Nero Wave Editor.